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Maison d’Etre playfully suggests the store’s reason for being, to celebrate life at home. Owners Patty Brunn and Fred Womack, artists, florists, ardent cooks, parents and pet owners have created a unique environment focusing on all things home.

Patty and Fred believe firmly that aesthetic considerations are of ultimate importance, and that beauty is a necessity for well-being. Their store is known for its selectivity and style, offering appealing objects alive with heart, history and integrity.

In full color and set to music, shopping in this intimate and informal space is a fun, friendly and enlivening experience.

Our mission: to support you, our customers, in realizing the pleasure of seeing around you what you feel is beautiful and meaningful, and experiencing the uplifting sense of joy and comfort from living in a home which reflects your individual nature. Our cause: home, your renewable resource.